My name is Coraima Gomez and this is my blog called inpiration123. I decided on making a blog because I want to inspire people on anything and because I know so many people that have committed suicide or thought on it and want to inspire people on why not to commit suicide. I will discuss on the suicide topic every once an a while but this blog is mostly just on daily inspiration because daily inspiration [this means that I might post daily but not as much as this one, I will post like “keep your head up”] will decrease the possibilities if suicide. Suicide is mostly caused because the person feels “lonely” or “useless” and if I inspire people that feel like this than it will decrease suicide. If I inspire them than they will feel more motivated on living this wonderful life of theirs by enjoying every moment. I came up with the theme (Inspiration) and style (look) because everyone needs some kind of inspiration. Inspiration can motivate any one on any day because just one great comment to someone will brighten up their day. Every day is…. What? Well, Every day is a GREAT DAY. A great day for a nice big smile of yours because we all have those amazing pair of teeth that are hiding behind those lips.

Everyday is AMAZING! Every day is WONDERFUL! but most of all Everyday is…. INSPIRING! If you have a goal every day you are already inspired because you are planning to finish that goal by the end of the day. The smallest goal from getting out of bed for work or school to brushing your teeth is because you are inspired. Its because you want to make that cash to buy a house or car and take care for your body/dental hygiene. Even little things you do in life is because you are inspired. We all want to succeed in life. We all want to have that amazing job. We all want to have that great family. In order for that we need to keep our head up and continue every day and enjoy every moment of it because if not you will be down and will forget about that amazing dream of yours. I’m here to keep reminding you on that dream and on why not to give up.


Life is hard but we are here for a reason never forget this. Your life might be bad right now because of depression, suicidal thoughts, family, or even yourself. I said yourself because you might not be happy with your body, face or weight but if you get yourself down because of these things than you will always be down. Reminder: You have to love yourself first in order for you to love others. You have to work yourself up in this world it’s going to take lots of work but it will be worth it at the end. We weren’t just put here in this amazing world to eat, breath, and sleep but to have goals and push yourself forward. Everyday is HARD, everyday is PAINFUL but everyday is a step to SUCCESS. Everyday is what we call LIFE.

Have an amazing day and if you would like my help or need tips email me at liligomez223@gmail.com



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