Follow Your Dreams :)


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Dreaming is good. More importantly, it’s good for our soul – for in dreaming we’re inspired to pursue a purpose beyond ourselves. Following your dreams and actually accomplishing them will make you feel great about yourself. You will feel like you did something in this amazing world. One song that helps us with some inspiration that makes us feel good about ourselves and not care is “follow your dreams” by Sheryn Regis. Your dreams are the ones that give you purpose to want to live. I chose this topic for this post because me following my dreams is my motivation. I  want to see the faces of the people that didn’t believe in me when I was younger  wrong. Always say to yourself “I believe in myself and I will succeed”.

My mom always encourages me to not give up on my dreams. So in giving thought to some of my own, here are ten reasons why you too should consider having dreams.

And maybe you can also think about how to make them a reality:

#1. Dreams help to develop faith

Following your dreams keeps you in touch with a childlike faith that believes the unbelievable, and sees the possible in the seemingly impossible.

#2. They keep you from being risk averse

Following your dreams helps you in learning to trust, take risks, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone without fear of failure.

#3. They keep you unique

Following your dreams prevents you from simply fitting in, going with the status quo, and becoming comfortable.

#4. They’ll help change your perspective

Following your dreams helps you to acknowledge and appreciate the experience of past failures and value them as learning opportunities.

#5. They’ll keep you thinking big

Following your dreams helps you to identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that hinder you from reaching your God-given destiny.

#6. Your dreams will encourage action

Following your dreams moves you from being a spectator to an initiator.

#7. You’ll have opportunity to show courage

Following your dreams helps you to grow in stature and character as you move beyond the known.

#8. You’ll be more motivated

Following your dreams energizes you, giving you a reason to get out of bed every morning.

#9. Pursuing them will require new learning

Following your dreams helps you to develop new skills as you’ll be required to do things you’ve never done before.

#10. Your dreams can serve the good of others

Following your dreams contributes something of value to others – for in stepping out, you yourself become an inspiration to those watching and listening to your message.

So why are dreams so important?

Having a commitment to pursuing our dreams is healthy, not only for us, but for those around us. For when we have them we’re more alive, vibrant, and hopeful of a better future.

When we look ahead in hope it inspires others and gives them permission to dream too.

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