My name is Coraima Gomez and I’m a young lady that has a lot to live for. I’m 16 years old, running start student that enjoys mostly every moment of life. I know we all have that one day where we all want to forget about every thing and just want to put an end to it. That’s why I am here to inspire you on why you don’t want to do this. The Save page states that “In 2014, there were 42,773 deaths by suicide in the United States. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death; homicide ranks 17th. It is the second leading cause of death for 15 – 24 year olds.”  I have thought of putting an end to my life but decided not to because I know someone does care about me and I want to succeed in life. All those people that put you down at some point with “your so fat”, “your so ugly” and “you don’t belong here” prove them wrong or just ignore and keep your head up. Life is amazing if you know how to spend it.

Don’t be so stressed on school or work, they are fun if you want them to be. You might think that your life is the worst because you don’t have the best house, clothes, or job, but no your life is marvelous because you woke up for another day of having your family around and the people that you love or love you. Every moment you are on this earth is to enjoy because you don’t know when this marvelous life of yours will be taken away and there’s no more of you. All the people that loved you will only have the memories you made with them. So I Coraima Gomez am on a mission on inspiring you for anything. Also, if you need any advice on something I’m here for you my information is in my contact tab.Go follow me on Facebook or Twitter that is also on my contact page.  I am also here to give you every so often that “good morning” text or “have a great day”  because I know we all need this at least once a week. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me hope to see you commenting on my post. Have a great day!


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